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Project Description
The RoboGenix open source Bioloid Robot Services project makes it so Bioloid users can program their robots using .NET. It includes classes that can be used to communicate with a BIOLOID CM-5, AX-12, and AX-S1 based robots. The project will eventually target MSRS services.

The RoboGenix open source Bioloid Robot Services project is sponsored by RoboGenix at This project provides a .NET framework for communicating with a Bioloid CM-5 microcontroller unit and any connected AX-12 servos or AX-S1 sensors in the network. The robot can be in any configuration (humanoid, king spider, custom, etc).

The project starts out with classes that interface through the serial port on the CM-5 (can be wireless or wired) and will progress until Bioloid specific DSS services are created for MSRS (Microsoft Robotics Studio). This project focuses solely on ROBOTIS BIOLOID hardware.

The current implementation is v .9 and is a planning (pre-alpha) release that has only been tested with robots connected via a serial cable and includes the following implementations:
  • Ax12 - Servo control
  • AxS1 - Sensor unit
  • Cm5 - Microcontroller unit

This planning release is a technology preview and we welcome comments, suggestions, or input of any kind to help guide our initial release. Please download it and check it out, let us know what you think.

Instructions for Downloading the Technology Preview:
To download go to the Downloads page and select Planned from the Releases box on the right. Then select the desired planning release. Or just click here

Have fun and happy robot building...

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